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CDO - Chief Data Officer

The era of big data and analytics has arrived, and with it a new leader is emerging—the Chief Data Officer, or CDO. As the reliance on real-time, trusted data grows, high performing organizations realize the need for an executive business leader to across the C-suite to accelerate innovation and transformation.


Why Data Needs a Leader

Wes Hunt on Why data needs a leaderWes Hunt in the Smarter Planet Blog: Strong data and analytics capabilities can lead to competitive advantage, and have the demonstrated the power to transform entire industries and business models. Read more.

Video: Samsung Mobile's CDO

CDO videoHear Mark Ramsey, CDO at Samsung Mobile talk about how about why data and analytics are both important in his role.

Insights for the new Chief Data Officer

Insights for the new CDOHow to define data strategy, align business goals and prioritize winning projects.

The new hero of big data and analytics: The Chief Data Officer Infographic

CDO infographic
Learn more about why leading organizations across the globe are appointing Chief Data Officers to deliver data-driven growth and innovation that matters.

Research and Insights

New CDO thought leadership

CDO thought leadership from IBVNew Chief Data Officer thought leadership from IBM’s Institute for Business Value in collaboration with leading CDOs.

Coming soon
IBM Center for Applied Insights: CDOs and C-Suite members share insights on how the CDO can lead the transformation to data-driven organizations. Available in late September 2014.

Advice from the C-suite’s newest members: Chief Data Officers

CCaitlin HalfertyCDOs share their insights, discuss challenges and successes.


Analytics: A blueprint for value

Converting big data and analytics insights into results.

Barclays rebuilds a global brand

Barclays Barclays reveals hot topics and customer sentiment in real time, using advanced analytics in a collaborative forum.




IBM Chief Data Officer Strategy Summit USA

September 23-24
Boston, MA

IBM Think Forum

October 8-9
New York City, NY

IBM Insight

October 26-30
Las Vegas, NV

IBM Chief Data Officer Strategy Summit UK

October 29
London, England

Evanta New York CDO Executive Summit

November 19
New York City, NY

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