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The era of big data and analytics has arrived and, with it, a new leader is
emerging - the chief data officer.


'We don't want just a 360-degree view of the customer anymore. We want to think multi-dimensionally. We want 360 degrees in three dimensions, so that we know our customers and they know everything about TD.'

–Rick Kochhar, CDO, TD Bank

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If we place long-term strategic focus on data governance and don't also focus on analytics, we lose that critical business value piece.

-from a conversation with Mark Ramsey formerly CDO of Samsung Mobile U.S.

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Meet the members of our THINK Leaders Community

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    Derek Strauss

    CDO, TD Ameritrade

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    Eugene Kolker

    CDO, Seattle Children's

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    Jennifer Ippoliti

    CDO, Raymond James

    Financial Inc.

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    Andrew Salesky

    Global Data Officer, Charles

    Schwab & Co., Inc.

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