The economics of IT risk and reputation

Find out what your next IT failure will cost your company

Putting a price tag on reputational damage - and a value on IT risk management

Previous IBM studies establish without a doubt the connection between IT risk and an organization’s reputation. In our latest study, we asked more than 2,300 business continuity and IT security professionals about the financial consequences of IT failures.

This ground-breaking research, sponsored by IBM and conducted independently by Ponemon Institute, reveals the top IT threats to reputation and quantifies the cost of IT events that disrupt business.

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Implications of the
IBM Global Study on the
Economic Impact of IT Risk

Findings from the
IBM Global Study on the
Economic Impact of IT Risk


Get the CIO and industry perspectives

C-level executives comprised 42% of the 2012 study. It is interesting to note that - compared to each other and to study respondents as a whole - CEOs, CIOs and CFOs often have widely divergent opinions on the affect of IT risk on their companies’ reputations and reputational risk management practices.

Explore industry perspectives for reputational risk in the banking, insurance, and energy and utilities industries.

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2012 reputational risk and IT study

For a detailed analysis of survey results, be sure to read the 2012 IBM Global Reputational Risk and IT Study report.


2011 risk study

Register to view an interactive online version of the 2011 IBM Global Business Resilience and Risk Study.


2010 risk study

Download the 2010 IBM Global IT Risk Study, the first in the series of IT risk studies.

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Understanding the economics of IT risk and reputation

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