Networking Security:
Up to the challenge

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These are challenging times for your networking security. Research shows just how vulnerable today's average networks are. But your company can't risk security breaches, causing damage to your enterprise brand reputation and financial losses. Meanwhile you have to implement a flexible computing strategy supporting mobile and distributed users and huge volumes of data.

Get help from IBM GTS and Cisco

Cisco is one of the Alliance Partners of IBM Global Technology Services (GTS). IBM GTS and Cisco can help you transform your network and make it ready for the modern data center. We will enable you to realize a more agile infrastructure with multiple levels of security, supporting different application workloads within the boundaries of your shared virtualized infrastructure or cloud.

IBM GTS and Cisco are working closely together on this. Cisco is a worldwide Alliance Partner for networking security of IBM GTS. IBM GTS is in its turn a global Gold Partner of Cisco.

Improve your networking security step-by-step

  1. Discover why security is key for your network
    Clients tell us they really care about their reputation. In the IBM 2012 Reputational Risk and IT Study, 80% of the respondents rate their reputation as excellent or very good. But only 17% of the respondents rate their company's overall ability to manage IT risk as very strong. This leads to the conclusion that not many customers are confident that their security is sufficient to protect their reputation.

  2. Assess your networking security
    How confident are you that your reputation will not be impacted by a security incident? Put your networking security to the test with IBM's Penetration Testing and work out a comprehensive information protection strategy based on a blueprint for remediation.

  3. Get to know our Data Center vision and Security services
    At IBM and Cisco, we have a clear vision about the changing data center. It includes trends like increasingly mobile people, new consumption patterns, huge volumes of sensor-based data, cloud capabilities, strong need for support of big data and the need to reduce network complexity and costs.

  4. Learn all about IBM and Cisco Networking Security solutions
    IBM GTS can help you with a broad set of Networking & Security services in combination with Cisco Networking & Security products. In addition, IBM can provide you with end-to-end services from planning, design, delivery and implementation to support and managed services.

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