Client Care Services
Powered by Watson

Brings IT Support into the Cognitive Era

Transform and personalize your IT user environment into a more intelligent, scalable and security-rich workplace that anticipates, predicts and acts to meet current and future requirements.

What it can do for your business

Now you can support end users on any device, any time and at any location, empowered by Watson. Our innovative support model integrates the service desk with analytics and Watson’s transformational cognitive capabilities.

Watson understands and learns from virtually every interaction and proposes new possibilities. This personalized user experience will continue to improve as Watson learns from each conversation. User downtime is reduced, improving productivity and enabling better business results.

Put your users in charge of where, when and how they receive support, personalized for them.

Essential Features

  • Cognitive delivers an actively personalized experience. IBM's Watson treats each user as a person not as a ticket. It continually learns about their individual devices, locations and applications.
  • Anytime, anywhere support. Users are able to get support for their devices whenever and however they need it based on their circumstances. Support options span the spectrum from live chat to self-service portals to walk-up "store-front" support.
  • Built for the cloud. Global support uses cloud-based services and tools such as live text chat, remote desktop takeover and automated password reset to actively engage users to deliver the optimal support experience.

Client Care Services Powered by Watson

A new direction for IT user support: Enabling an omnichannel experience in the cognitive era

Enterprise Mobility and the Digital Workplace

Thought Leaders

  • Linda Delbridge

    Linda Delbridge

    Global Mobility And Workplace Services Sales Executive

    Linked In

  • Niki McKenna

    Niki McKenna

    Mobility Services Strategy and Offering Leader for Client Care Services

    Linked In

  • Christopher Hesketh-Tutton

    Christopher Hesketh-Tutton

    IBM Moblity Services - Global Offering Manager

Linda Delbridge, Global Mobility And Workplace Services Sales Executive

Over 35 years of experience in mobility and workplace services / end user services and systems integration program and proposal management. A versatile and quick thinker identifying complex technical problems and sponsoring innovative solutions. An enthusiastic collaborator and positive decision-maker who delivers on commitments. My opinions are my own.

Niki McKenna, Mobility Services Strategy and Offering Leader for Client Care Services

Niki is a Manager and Senior Offering Manager within IBM Global Technology Services business specializing in Client Care Services designing with the world's most advanced cognitive system . She is passionate about near-future technology and advancing the end user experience within the enterprise bringing consumer support approaches into the workplace. Niki has over 20 years of experience in Client Care Support serving in various positions from development, delivery and strategy.In her spare time, Niki volunteers to get girls involved in STEM fields locally in her hometown.

Christopher Hesketh-Tutton, IBM Moblity Services - Global Offering Manager

Experienced Information Technology program manager and leader, skilled in the application of new technologies and processes to solve business problems and drive business transformation.

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