Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Continuous Replenishment Program (CRP)

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Continuous Replenishment Program (CRP)

Getting enough of the right product to the right outlet at the right time is the secret of success in Supply Chain Management. That’s why these days more and more companies see the benefits associated with VMI/CRP, which is often part of a wider Efficient Consumer Response (E.C.R.) strategy:

VMI transfers the responsibility for product replenishment, inventory management, and purchase order creation from the retailers to their suppliers. Replenishment decisions are based on Sales Inventory Information exchanged daily.

Retailer. Supplier.

Key Objectives and Benefits of VMI



Service detail

Service details

Key Implementation Challenges

IBM’s Approach

With the IBM Continuous Replenishment Service, IBM provides tools and services that support business requirements to implement successful VMI and/or CMI projects as already done for major companies throughout Europe and in the USA. IBM delivers Services, Infrastructure, CRP application as a Managed Service – Software as a Service.

Infrastructure. Implementation & Change. Run & Manage. The IBM Team is committed to provide customers with a full comprehensive service adapted to industry requirements that allow suppliers to concentrate on their core business.

Why IBM?

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