Telecom expense management services for mobile communications

Reduce and better manage your mobile communications expenses

Most organizations are faced with the challenge of managing a complex and rapidly changing mobile environment with constantly shifting device types and carrier plans. A shortage of specialist skills, industry knowledge, inadequate reporting processes and lack of a clear technology roadmap can hinder your ability to control mobile telecom spending and make well informed business decisions. You need help identifying and rectifying billing errors; managing multiple networks, vendors, contracts and processes; and improving visibility into telecommunications spending.

IBM Telecom Expense Management Services for mobile communications help you to simplify and reduce the cost of managing your telecommunications environment. Our robust, integrated offering provides a centralized operating platform with highly automated processes and access to telecom specialists. We can help streamline and manage your telecommunications processes across multiple vendors. By providing services for your mobile expenses including assessment and audit consulting services, planning, design, integration, deployment and ongoing management, we can help you control your mobile telecommunications environment.

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