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Simplify storage and data management while enabling business growth and innovation

For nearly every organisation, data growth is inevitable. Combined with escalating IT and business requirements for security, compliance and flexibility, this growth can present significant challenges. Many organisations are balancing several related issues:

By proactively establishing a well-organised approach to your storage and data environment, you can gain the advantages that come from an effective storage infrastructure. You can provide business users with required access to data, giving key decision makers the information they need to help innovate and grow your revenue. You can cost-effectively deliver storage performance that meets current needs, while laying a strong foundation for the future. And you can better manage business risks and uphold regulatory compliance.

Rethinking the role of storage and data in your organization

Today, an increasing number of companies emphasise simplicity, cost-efficiency and resilience in their storage and data environments. An infrastructure without these characteristics can inhibit a company's ability to make informed business decisions, deliver responsive customer service, support employee productivity, comply with regulations and deploy new business applications. Organisations must continue to revise their approaches to storage and data management as business and IT needs evolve. Fortunately, IBM can help.

A comprehensive approach to storage and data

IBM Global Technology Services offers services that can help you address storage and data needs from end to end, including assessment, planning, design, implementation and management. The services include:

The anticipated benefits

IBM's storage and data services are designed to help you achieve better business performance and support your customers more effectively. With our storage expertise, proven methodologies and effective tools, we can help support your organization's current and future storage and data requirements:

What we offer


IBM Application Development Services for Cloud

Build custom applications that take full advantage of the benefits of cloud computing and address industry opportunities for delivering services via SaaS models


Migration Services for data

Simplify your data migration process with our assistance in addressing complexity, disruption, system performance, hosting, availability and data integrity


Storage and data managed services

Leverage the expertise and pre-integrated storage and data management solutions of a service provider who can manage the environment on your behalf.


Storage and data product services

Shorten the time to implement new storage technology or migrate data, while reducing risks.

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