IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+

Enable infrastructure as a service (IaaS) with reduced risk to drive growth

A cloud infrastructure can drive cost and resource efficiencies while helping you accelerate time to market for new services. But you may not have the resources and expertise to implement and manage an enterprise-class private cloud infrastructure, and you may be concerned about the risks of a public cloud.

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ provides access to a security-rich, cost-effective cloud infrastructure, hosted and managed by IBM. It is designed to help you increase business value and competitive advantage while facilitating reduced operational risk.



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Service details

You may have considered a cloud infrastructure as a way to help reduce IT operating and capital costs, increase efficiency through standardization and, subsequently, drive new products to market more quickly. But you realize that implementing and managing a private cloud can demand a lot from your IT resources, and you may be concerned about the security and resiliency risks associated with a public cloud.

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ provides a cloud infrastructure, managed and hosted by IBM, to give you the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) functionality needed to support business growth. Our security-rich cloud environment is built with enterprise-class IBM hardware and software, reducing your need to invest in additional capital. With the ability to reduce resource provisioning times from months to days, you can speed time to market for new applications. Our enterprise architecture expertise, combined with vast experience with managed services, can provide you with a more reliable cloud computing foundation. IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ is deployed in data centers around the world to help provide global reach with local control.

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