SmartCloud Virtualized Server Recovery

Enable improved server recovery reliability and shorter recovery time

SmartCloud Virtualized Server Recovery

In today’s 24×7 business environment, ensuring you have flexible, scalable, reliable and secure recovery for your servers in the event of a disaster is crucial to meeting your recovery time objective. Are you confident in your existing recovery infrastructure?

IBM SmartCloud Virtualized Server Recovery service can help reduce your recovery time and improve the reliability of your recovery infrastructure through a fully managed, comprehensive server recovery solution.


As demand for continuous business operations increases, the need for a shorter recovery time in the event of a disaster becomes more pressing. Yet maintaining in-house redundant recovery servers can be costly. Hiring a recovery service provider can provide an affordable option, but not all third-party providers support multiple server types and both virtualized and non-virtualized server environments. Should the unthinkable happen, you don’t want to increase the risk of data loss during long recovery time with physical recovery approach.

IBM SmartCloud Virtualized Server Recovery service provides world-class automation and cloud tools to help speed recovery times and increase the reliability of your server recovery. Our service, which supports both virtualized and non-virtualized servers, enables you to recover the functions of selected servers on a virtual machine (VM) running on cloud infrastructure at IBM Recovery Center. We provide you with a range of options including “always available virtual machine,” virtual machine available only for use during “disaster and test” and virtual machine for importing server images and backup data from storage media.

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