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Improve content management and data retention and availability through cloud-based archiving

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To maintain operational efficiency and reduce the risk of noncompliance with industry regulations, your organization needs a content management solution that can organize, retrieve and store archived data efficiently without driving up costs.

IBM SmartCloud Archive provides a cloud-based data archiving solution that can index, search, retrieve and store archived content more cost effectively—helping you leverage information for enhanced decision making and better regulatory compliance management.



Service detail

Service details

Organizations today are challenged with huge volumes of siloed and often inactive structured and unstructured data. The inability to effectively locate, organize and leverage this information for decision making can have a serious impact on business performance. Without an efficient content management system that can archive, store and manage information effectively, your business faces high risk of operational inefficiency and data loss. You need a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that can also help you better manage regulatory compliance.

IBM SmartCloud Archive can provide you with a more reliable, cloud-based archiving service that is designed to classify, index, search and retrieve data in a security-rich manner while automating regulatory monitoring and reporting. Our solution can help you improve availability and ease access to information to enhance decision making and better realize the value of information as an asset. We can provide an end-to-end information life-cycle management solution for archived data based on a utility priced cloud service to help you more cost effectively address your data management issues.

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