Server Product Services for
System z

A simplified server environment providing optimal service for your business challenges

Drive business growth through effective deployment of resilient and adaptable IBM System z® server technology

Companies rely on their servers to achieve business goals and continuously evolving IT objectives. Efficient and effective deployment of IBM System z technology can help your organization quickly realize the benefits of a flexible, resilient infrastructure—but you want to reduce the complexity of integration into your IT environment. IBM Server Product Services for System z can help. Our robust portfolio of server product services can help you shorten the time to plan, implement and deploy your new System z servers and software. By adopting the new server technology faster, you can potentially improve end-user service levels. And with a highly available, resilient and flexible server environment, your business can be better prepared for current and future demands.

What we offer

Migration Services for data

Migration Services for data

Simplify your data migration process with our assistance in addressing complexity, disruption, system performance, hosting, availability and data integrity

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"We believed that we would achieve near 100 percent uptime with the final implementation of GDPS, which we wanted for our performance as well as for regulatory compliance."

~ Guido Gatti, Equens SpA's General Manager of Operations