Security risk assessment

Help identify and mitigate security risks with a comprehensive assessment of your information assets

Managing rapid changes in business demands, regulatory mandates and threats from hackers, spyware, malware and viruses pose a variety of risks to your enterprise. Security breaches or fines for noncompliance can damage your reputation and result in loss of your customer and shareholder confidence, impacting your market share and weakening your competitive position, all of which can result in significant revenue loss. To protect your business, you need to create a robust, adaptable security framework, one that quantifies and qualifies business risks and balances them with business goals, so that you can conduct business with confidence and efficiency, now and into the future.

IBM Security Services’ security risk assessment can help provide a comprehensive assessment of your security vulnerabilities. Our innovative approach, with experienced IBM Security Services consultants delivering a proven methodology and leveraging leading risk management software from Modulo Security, is designed to provide a consolidated view of the business risks introduced by information security weaknesses in your processes, organization and IT infrastructure, helping to remedy security risks at all levels of your business.



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