Managed network services from IBM can improve agility, reduce cost and complexity across all your hybrid cloud, data center, local and wide area networks. We use software defined technologies, analytics and automation to integrate networks across carriers and countries for your hybrid cloud environments.

The latest IDC research shows how companies are achieving significant value from their investment in IBM Networking Services:

  • Reduce Network Related Downtime by

  • Faster Application Deployment

  • Networking IT Staff Efficiencies

Learn how IBM is helping clients differentiate, innovate and gain maximum business value.


IBM MultiNetwork Services

A fully managed software defined global WAN solution for hybrid clouds.

IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure for Networking

A catalog of modular services to monitor and manage your network infrastructure and hybrid clouds.

IBM Network Transformation and Managed Services

Customized network and hybrid cloud management solutions for large enterprises.



Joe Robinson

Joe Robinson

Distinguished Engineer - Integrated Communications & Networking

Jitendra Nandwani

Jitendra Nandwani

Networking Project Executive

Jitendra Nandwani, Networking Project Executive

After a series of various on field and leadership roles, I joined the GTS Global Networking Services team managing a large and strategic Services Sales Unit for IBM Corp. The 12 years at IBM have been packed with some large achievements, astounding learning and fast growth both professionally and personally.
Joined IBM as an Account Manager rose through the ranks and roles to Country Manager – Enterprise Services Sales (ISA) and now further to Global Sales Leader – Networking Services based in Dallas USA. Having an exposure to Growth markets in Asia and developed markets provides an edge that is unique and feeds my hunger to explore the new.

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