Mobile application platform management services

Develop, deploy and manage end-user mobile applications

The real value of a mobile device in the workplace is in its capability to get work done—and that happens primarily through applications. Choosing between out-of-the-box applications or custom development, application architecture and security can be a daunting challenge. Once selected, the mobile applications need to be installed on end-user devices, managed, tracked, secured and monitored. If users leave or move to new devices or platforms, applications need to be wiped or upgraded, often across broad geographies.

With deep mobile services expertise, as well as application development and management experience, IBM can help you solve these mobile enterprise challenges with a broad range of capabilities. We can recommend mobile applications based on your industry, develop custom applications, or help you craft applications in-house that leverage native SDK, web/HTML5, or mobile application platforms such as IBM Worklight to speed development. As part of our managed service, we can populate and manage an application storefront that enables your employees to access a consistent, pre-approved set of mobile applications that meet your organization’s guidelines.

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