Post-sales technical support services

Enhance customer satisfaction, reduce costs and expand to new markets

Post-sales technical support services. Help improve customer satisfaction and enhance business efficiency.

Enhance customer satisfaction, reduce costs and expand to new markets

With MVSS, IBM acts as your technical support organization for your hardware product(s). IBM MVSS is a scalable and customizable service that can provide the support infrastructure and skills to help deliver world-class post-sales technical support. It is designed to provide comprehensive, single-source services often for less cost than maintaining in-house skills or multiple service contracts. With IBM on your team, you can expand from a local or regional business to a national or international business.


Service detail

It is a fundamental rule of business—treat customers well and they will remain customers. One of the ways customers judge how well you treat them is by the speed and quality of support they receive when they have problems. World-class technical support can mean the difference between keeping or losing a valued customer.

IBM Managed Vendor Support Services offers technical support with flexible coverage, local resources skilled in diagnosing/resolving urgent problems, and a detailed process with quality controls. Service elements include:

IBM can help increase client satisfaction through consistent support processes and outstanding client experience. With over 30 years of supporting manufacturers of all sizes, we are well equipped to help you deliver value to your customers while safeguarding your brand.