Managed Resiliency Services

Avoid costly downtime with near-continuous infrastructure

Improving business resiliency and continuity is a top priority, but you can't afford to increase capital expenditures or complexity. You need cost-effective, managed continuity services that can help minimize business disruptions.

IBM Managed Resiliency Services provides managed business continuity and resiliency services and quick, effective disaster recovery, enabling you to better balance your IT staff workload and control expenses.



Service detail

Service details

Today, more companies are moving toward zero tolerance for downtime, and yours is no exception. Ensuring managed continuity services through redundant data centers can help mitigate the impact of business disruptions—but those centers can also increase capital expenditures, IT resources and complexity. In order to support the growth of critical business systems, data, service level agreements, service level objectives and regulatory requirements, you need a solution that gives you access to a dedicated, cost-effective data center environment that can help ensure business resiliency and managed continuity.

What we offer

IBM data continuity services can help you meet access, compliance and performance requirements by simplifying your backup and retrieval of critical business data. Specifically, these services are available:

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