IBM Technical Support Services

Increase availability and simplify management with integrated support for your multiproduct, multivendor hardware and software environment.

IBM Technical Support Services−Europe

University of St. Gallen awards IBM team for Service Excellence

University of St.Gallen

Enable smarter businesses to keep their critical IT infrastructure up and running while optimizing IT support costs.

Simplify your infrastructure management

Manage risk with proactive maintenance services
Improve service for growth and innovation

Reduce costs with remote, automated tools


IBM Technical Support Services are a fundamental part of the extensive IBM Global Technology Services (GTS) offering portfolio.

IBM's service offerings are modular and scalable allowing customers to customize the service they require today and in the future. Supporting business critical, high availability system requirements, customers can enhance and upgrade Base offerings, such as Hardware and Software Maintenance or Support Line through additional service offerings such as Enhanced Technical Support, Warranty/ Maintenance Service Upgrade and Committed Services (where available). The IBM Technical Support offerings will help you save costs and improve your IT performance. Our offerings add value with technical excellence and outstanding service for your IT environment, from non-critical to high critical situations. IBM Technical Support Services offer multiple support based on service levels matching your specific and unique business needs.

Why IBM Technical Support offerings?

Our offerings give you single-source support and direct access to a comprehensive set of online tools for the rapid identification and resolution of incidents and problems. With electronic services, IBM proactively monitors the heartbeat of your systems, taking preventative action to maximise system availability. With our global network, we can provide around-the-clock access to support specialists who are backed by fast IBM resources. With our wide range of expertise on IBM and multi-vendor products we can support the most complex environments. And with a variety of support options, we can tailor our service to deliver the level of support that meets your unique needs.

What we offer

Software Support Services

Prevent outages, accelerate issue resolution and meet service level requirements with consolidated onsite and remote software support.

Hardware maintenance services

Simplify management, cut costs and boost performance with onsite and remote hardware maintenance services from IBM.

Managed Technical Support

Simplify support for multivendor environments, with comprehensive,integrated services.

Proactive Maintenance Services

Helps you to keep outage costs down through the use of advanced IBM analytical tools which help you stay ahead of critical threats and reduce the risk of expensive downtime.

Solution Support Services

Simplify support with a single point of entry for IBM and third-party hardware and software solutions.

IBM Storage Support Services

Many companies struggle with balancing IT availability with operational costs.

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