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With an unplanned IT disruption, disaster recovery is a top priority. No delays, no guesswork—you need a reliable solution that helps you respond with speed and agility while minimizing exposure during downtime. You want the kind of IT disaster recovery expertise that can safeguard your key business data, maintain productivity and limit the financial losses that result from an outage. Get the experience and expertise you need by working with IBM.

IBM Infrastructure Recovery Services leverage technology and automation to aid IT recovery while managing costs. Our customized recovery solution can enable you to recover your data up to the point of failure. We help you classify critical business information and provide high-quality online data backup services and data-mirroring facilities to help reduce loss of crucial enterprise data.

IBM is a global leader with specialized expertise in IT disaster recovery, work area recovery, business continuity and disaster recovery planning. A wide portfolio of infrastructure recovery services helps you design and implement a more cost-effective solution that can meet your business and regulatory needs. Our comprehensive, time-tested and flexible recovery options can help you maintain availability, respond to disruptions effectively, mitigate risk and improve your overall IT disaster recovery response.

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