SmartCloud Managed backup - maximum protection, minimum investment

Solid data protection services that have been designed in such a way that critical business data is safeguarded automatically and can be recovered easily.

With IBM-s Information Protection Services (IPS), you create assured protection of your data. Business data is essential for the continuity of your company. The protection of this is a strategic decision that can lead to great challenges. With its expertise of many years in data protection, IBM offers the solution. The IPS services by IBM offer solutions small and large without an initial investment.

All focus is on the safety and the availability of your business data. With IBM-s Information Protection Services, we assure that you can meet all the demands regarding data protection. In addition, IPS supports processes for the benefit of the organisation and the system continuity, and it repairs after calamities. With a pay-as-you-use pricing model, IPS offers data protection for data centres, branch offices and workstations/laptops. You pay for what you use.

It is crucial for an organisation to prevent data loss. With the help of an IBM Business Resilience strategy, data can be protected. With Information Protection Services, your data backup is done in the most effective and cost-saving way. Our patented management engine prevents human errors. In addition, you have 24/7/365 secured access to your data and the support of IBM.

With IPS, your internal IT activities are unburdened, which allows for focusing more on strategic decisions. Even more importantly, your effectiveness and success in total data protection is improved by using IPS.



IBM is trendsetting in data protection. This is clear in:

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Service details

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