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Many companies struggle with balancing IT availability with operational costs.

Many companies struggle with balancing IT availability with operational costs. With storage products and environments becoming more and more complex, attached to multiple platform types and serving multiple middleware products – and the constant requirement to reduce operational costs – this can put a strain on any IT organisation.

To maximise the business benefit gained from the capabilities of today's storage devices, your staff needs deep knowledge on how to configure your storage devices along with pro-active support to maintain hardware and software levels. IBM helps you meet these challenges with broad set of storage support services designed to meet your specific business storage availability requirements while helping reduce IT support costs.

IBM has a flexible and comprehensive range of hardware and software support services available for your IBM storage devices to maximize availability and the return on your storage investment.

Hardware Maintenance and Warranty Services

Your new storage devices come straight out of the box with hardware warranty support.
Need faster response time? Greater coverage hours? Need a committed fix time?
Keep your data flowing by selecting the appropriate levels of support for your business needs.

Keep your data flowing with the right support for your environment.


Service detail

Service details

Pro-active System Support

Learn about Warranty Services and Maintenance Options(supporting entry level to mid-range tape and disk)

Software Support for Storage

The majority of new storage devices only include hardware warranty support as a default service, which covers hardware product defect support only. Storage device warranty and your server support contracts don't include product usage support. Since the majority of service requests for storage are related to installation, usage and configuration issues and not HW defect problems, you need IBM Software Support for Storage to maximize your IT Investment.

Learn More about:
Support line for storage products (supporting entry level tape/disk, midrange disk, NAS, SVC, Enterprise Tape and Enterprise Storage systems)
Storage software maintenance and support (supporting XIV, ProteTIER, Storwize, V7000 and SoNAS products)

Onsite Help, Microcode, Machine Code and Hard Drive Retention

Supporting your storage environment isn't always as easy as just having a solution and plan to mitigate risk. Resources and skills can be stretched, and requirements can stand in the way of ensuring you meet corporate standards and regulatory requirements. These services can help your IT staff improve business productivity by having IBM manage key updates and security issues, off-loading your team to focus on critical business needs.

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