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Build custom applications that take full advantage of the benefits of cloud computing and address industry opportunities for delivering services via SaaS models

Conversations with leaders around the world revealed a new primary challenge-complexity. According to the 2010 Global CEO Study, 79 percent anticipate even greater complexity for the future, due to an unprecedented level of interconnection and interdependency between physical and digital infrastructures.

How can CEOs connect with customers in imaginative ways and design their operations for speed and flexibility? Through leveraging cloud computing, particularly software-as-a-service, to deliver services in more effective and less expensive ways. Cloud computing – the deployment of network-based applications in a highly flexible, shared IT environment – is becoming a key enabler of better service delivery and greater value in today's business landscape. It offers a number of major advantages over more traditional application deployment models, including the more efficient use of IT and development resources, easier and less costly maintenance, and the ability to deliver consistent services through a variety of channels. Cloud computing also makes it easier for businesses to partner and bring enhanced composite service offerings to market very quickly.

But developing cloud-based applications requires new approaches that address the unique requirements of software-as-a-service. IBM Application Development Services for Cloud delivers on the promise of cloud application development by building custom cloud applications from implementation plann

Attributes of a Cloud Application Environment



Service detail

Service details

Have IBM help you deliver on the promise of cloud-based applications

IBM® Global Business Services® can help you build a roadmap for developing cloud-based business applications that can address development of new applications or re-architecture of an existing application. Cloud implementation planning capabilities provide you with a comprehensive set of application requirements along with a detailed development and implementation roadmap. Once the planning phase is complete, IBM can help you move ahead with the detailed design, development, testing and rollout of your custom cloud-based application. Additionally, IBM can help ensure you maximize the value of your cloud application development with assistance in business process design, solution architecture, systems integration and security and change management-a holistic approach that results in more rapid time-to-value for your investment in software-as-a-service.


The IBM Global Business Services portfolio of cloud application development services is built around the IBM Cloud Reference Architecture, a powerful asset that provides a rich set of experiences, best practices and prescriptive guidance that is unsurpassed in the industry. The Reference Architecture addresses all key aspects of your technical solution from the design of cloud application services to infrastructure, integration, security and more. The Cloud Reference Architecture, along with many other IBM application development tools, assets and accelerators, helps to ensure optimized development and faster time to market.

Because not all business needs are the same, IBM Global Business Services works hand-in-hand with clients to tailor each engagement. You have the opportunity to engage at any stage of development and choose the services that best meet your needs, up to and including fully developed, hosted or delivered IBM cloud solutions. IBM will work closely with you to determine how to best complement your own in-house resources and skills to build the application that leverages all the benefits of cloud to optimally drive value for your business. Regardless of the specific form of your engagement, IBM stands ready – and able – to help you derive the greatest return on your investment in cloud computing.

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