High availability services - limit your RPO and RTO to a minimum

In case of a calamity, your IT can be transferred immediately to our recovery centre.

Given good planning and the creation and maintenance of a solid infrastructure, a continuous access to business processes, IT environments and networks can be assured. This helps to prevent downtime and expensive repair works when a calamity happens. IBM High Availability Services can help you to achieve this.

High availability increases the value

With IBM High Availability Services, you can prevent that you lose a lot of money due to downtime and repairs. We can help you with the analysis, planning, design, development, implementation and management of an infrastructure that supports the continuous availability and high service levels. IBM High Availability Services is intended tallow for the consistent management of your crucial business processes, IT systems, operating environments and networks.

In case of a calamity or if a system stops, an immediate transfer is made tmirror servers at the IBM Disaster Recovery Centre. These mirror servers mirror your IT environment and always keep your critical business processes going. Data loss and downtime are slow they can be neglected. That way, your company never halts and you never disappoint your clients.

What we offer



Are you confident that you can offer the required availability levels? Even for the data centre and for multiplatform environments? If not, IBM High Availability Services can help you set priorities based on your business processes ttackle the availability. That way, you will always have enough staff in-house tassure an optimal uptime. Amongst others, the following products are available:

Service detail

Service details

With the expertise, material and knowledge of IBM BC&RS, you are assured flexible and continuous business operations.

IBM BC&RS, helping business stay in business

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