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intricate line drawingIncreasing pressures to cut costs and improve resiliency are driving IT organizations to plan major transformation initiatives. But IT discovery is such a complex task that it’s generally not performed across the entire IT infrastructure. Plus, traditional IT discovery methods often don’t provide an accurate picture of the IT environment.

It doesn’t have to be that way. An easier-to-deploy infrastructure discovery service from IBM called Analytics for Logical Dependency Mapping (ALDM) helps provide a quick method to collect server configuration and dependency data and performance profiles. In fact, it can speed the process by as much as 40 percent.1 Further, the simple script-based service doesn’t require your system credentials and doesn’t deploy agents or probes in your infrastructure.

1. Based on IBM ALDM research and analysis. Individual results may vary.

IT infrastructure discovery services

Using the ALDM tools, IBM specialists can automate the discovery and analysis of an IT infrastructure By using the ALDM service, you get basic server configuration and packaged middleware information, along with:

  • Multilevel graphical dependency mapping

    Automate the process of logically segmenting the infrastructure for data center migration.

  • Resource use trending

    Identify potential servers for optimization, virtualization, consolidation and retirement.

  • Analysis of potential risks

    Uncover outdated operating systems and middleware, misconfigured and “orphan” servers and redundant systems.

  • Dynamic visualization and filtering

    Customize views of even the most complex data sets to see the entire infrastructure or zero in on desired nodes.

  • Data and analysis for IT project planning

    The service runs on IBM Cloud Managed Services to transform large volumes of complex data into meaningful insights.

  • Opportunities to cut costs and improve resiliency

    Gain a better understanding of how your infrastructure actually operates.

  • Detailed reporting

    IBM summarizes the results and recommends remediation and IT optimization strategies in a final report.

Why IBM?

Developed by IBM Research, the automated ALDM service is fundamentally different from traditional IT discovery techniques. It uses more advanced mathematical modeling to help deliver unique insights about an IT environment. Plus, it differs from other discovery tools in its ability to capture server details that other tools can’t. For example, instead of just analyzing server log files to identify dependencies among the servers, the ALDM tools read the server configuration files to identify dependencies embedded in how the servers are configured. As a result, enterprises can conduct IT discovery more frequently to accomplish a wider range of objectives, from routine asset cleanups to managing IT infrastructure standards compliance.

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