Cloud computing for enterprise production workloads

Access cloud computing from IBM for enterprise production workloads

Cloud computing can provide a more efficient alternative to traditional production environments. With growing costs, dynamic usage patterns, and the need for rapid deployment, you need cloud computing to meet your application and infrastructure challenges.

IBM Smart Business Cloud for production workloads can provide you with quicker access to a security-rich, enterprise-ready environment to help reduce costs, shorten cycle times for faster time to market and improve quality.



Service detail

Service details

Setting up and maintaining an infrastructure for your production needs can involve several challenges. These include ongoing capital expenses and high operating costs, inefficiently utilized infrastructure and the potential for delays due to inaccurate configurations. Cloud computing can help you meet these challenges by facilitating reduced cycle times to support faster application deployments.

With customers located across town and around the globe, you need a security-rich solution that can support dynamic workload demands.

IBM Smart Business Cloud for production workloads helps you more rapidly deploy, access and pay for production infrastructure resources as needed, so you can avoid upfront expenses and reduce overall operating costs.

You can also set up production in minutes versus weeks and improve your response to dynamic demand. IBM’s own cloud solution has enabled us to save up to 50 percent on operational cost savings and 30 percent on capital expenses.

1 Our flexible enterprise-oriented delivery models can help you more securely partition your environment-virtual and dedicated,2 and our standardized compute cloud infrastructure helps provide a security-rich, reliable production environment. Optional and premium support services can also let you get started right away.

Based on results from IBM’s Technology Adoption Program, in which an internal “Collaboration Innovation” cloud was developed using IBM technology. The solution has more than 100,000 participants. Results vary depending on the customer’s existing environment. Final results can only be ascertained after a return on investment analysis.

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