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Business Continuity Summit 2013

Disaster recovery has always been a key element of business continuity strategy – but disaster recovery planning has remained relatively constant in recent years, while the threat landscape has continually evolved. As social media, cloud, mobile, and big data are now becoming the standard ways of doing business, it is time for organizations to upgrade their risk and business continuity capabilities and reduce the recovery times in line with the modern landscape of organizational IT.

During the Business Continuity Summit 2013, which was held in Amsterdam and Brussels in October 2013 and hosted by IBM in partnership with CorporateLeaders, leading experts shared their insights on the current risks that organizations are facing and the future of IT resiliency over the coming.

Download your copy of the Executive Summary highlighting key learning points from the meeting.


Can you bet your business continuity on your current disaster recovery plans? Industry analysts agree many companies that suffer a major outage will not survive for long in a competitive market. IT infrastructure, resiliency, continuity and online business data backup—all are fundamental to your continued business success.Business continuity and resiliency services from IBM can offer the insight and expertise you need to manage the risks your business faces today and in the future.

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We want to work with you to support your ever-changing needs and help ensure your success. Our global delivery capabilities and proven methods stand behind all of our resiliency and continuity solutions. Our organization serves more than 9,000 business continuity and resiliency clients globally. Our record speaks for itself.

We can work with you to achieve significant financial advantages and improvements in recovery service-level performance. Choose from our range of proactive and event-driven managed services depending on the criticality of your data and processes. And, new opportunities for cost effectively managing resilience are available with our scalable, end-to-end, cloud-based backup and recovery solutions for data and applications. Based on your requirements, we can:

Advise: help identify, quantify and prioritize business and IT risks, and create strategies and plans to address those risks. Learn how our resiliency consulting services can help you maintain continuous operations.

Manage: help you balance workloads and reduce application, data and system loss. Learn how we can help you maintain business continuity.

Protect: help enable reliable, automated data protection—offsite or onsite—through a range of managed services. Learn how our cloud services can help you with disaster recovery and online business data backup.

Mitigate: help eliminate the impact of disruptive events with IT and work area recovery. Learn about our IT disaster recovery services.

Let's talk. Every day, businesses become more complex and interconnected. The risk and high cost of disruption extend well beyond IT to virtually every aspect of your business. Contact us to learn how a world-class, fully integrated solution can build continuity into every layer of your business.

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