Smart Migration and Application Delivery

Windows 7 migration is the perfect opportunity to incorporate and support multiple mobile platforms and applications


The work environment is changing. Today, IT departments can no longer dictate which platforms, equipment and services employees rely on.

By 2014 IDC predicts 62% of business smartphone use will be on an employee’s own device and already half of US employees are accessing social networks at least once a week for work purposes. This trend, IBM predicts, will mean 80% of an employee’s work time, by 2015, will be spent collaborating.

Companies need to develop an end-user orientated IT infrastructure which supports these new ways of working smarter.

IBM's Smart Migration and Application Delivery Service is aimed at helping businesses do exactly that. Through widening a migration to Windows 7 the service advises companies on how they can support multiple new platforms (such as Android and Apple OS) and achieve productivity boosts and cost reductions from the scale and flexibility provided by cloud and virtualization services. Also this represents a direct future cost savings opportunity as every next migration (for example Windows 8) will be much easier and hence less costly when performing this centrally.Improve employee collaboration, communications and consistency with enterprise mobility and desktop virtualization.


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