IBM Strategy and Transformation for Cloud Providers

Improve business performance, control costs, and foster rapid innovation

Cloud computing is a service consumption and delivery model that can help improve business performance, control costs and ultimately transform business models. Position your organization as a leading provider of cloud solutions and generate a wide range of new business opportunities to better service existing customers and access new customers. The unbounded scale and differentiated quality of service that cloud provides can foster rapid innovation and decision making.

IBM can assist your enterprise in fundamentally rethinking your target markets and product and service portfolio in light of new cloud delivery models. A comprehensive cloud strategy is critical, and IBM can help you define your opportunity, readiness and partnership strategy. In many cases, alliances with other cloud providers can often help differentiate and overcome major obstacles to entering the cloud market.

Business challenges

Organizations today are faced with multiple business challenges. In order to manage growing business demands and complexity, they are engaging the following strategies:

Strategy and Change Services for Cloud Providers

How can cloud help you approach these new opportunities, and what strategies should you adopt to pursue them? What is the impact to your organization and how will you implement new cloud initiatives? What is your implementation and partnership roadmap that leads to being a successful cloud service provider?

IBM can help you address these questions and develop a cloud provider roadmap that is built on analysis of your organization's cloud opportunities and capabilities, through a three-phased engagement.


With nearly 3,500 strategy professionals worldwide, the IBM Strategy and Change practice (US) is part of IBM Global Business Services, one of the world's leading management consulting practices. Our strategy consultants can assist with market entry strategies, cloud technology investment and alignment, customer segmentation, risk identification, innovation, and globalization and development of new business models to drive increased revenue growth, cost reduction or improved capital efficiency.

Representing an unambiguous commitment to cloud computing, IBM has an extensive network of fully equipped labs - the largest in the IT industry - that have recognized experts to address the specific needs of customers who are increasingly shifting IT requirements to the cost-effective cloud model.

IBM's expertise with cloud computing can help you adapt to the accelerating intersection of the digital and physical worlds. Understanding how to seize these new opportunities to reshape business models is the challenge countless organizations are facing. IBM's unique ability to apply insight and technology to business challenges can help you evaluate and prioritize these opportunities and position your organization for the future.

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