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To succeed in today’s environment, businesses need to lead through increased complexity and volatility, drive operational excellence and enable collaboration across enterprise functions, develop higher quality leadership and talent, manage amidst constant change and unlock new possibilities grounded in data.

The IBM Strategy and Analytics practice integrates management consulting expertise with the science of analytics to enable leading organisations to succeed.


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Innovation that increases competitiveness and differentiation, sparks customer centricity and drives growth.

Finance, Risk & Fraud

Improve forecasting and reporting, develop predictive capabilities, reduce enterprise risk, and optimise your finance organisation. Additionally, enable performance and talent management supported by efficient HR and analytics.

Operations & Supply Chain

Improve your operating model and end-to-end supply chain to maximise value, efficiency and effectiveness.

Technology & Data

Harnessing technology to drive business innovation and create sustainable growth while optimising the IT organisation.

NSW Waratahs Rugby: Predictive Analytics

Watch the video IBM Predictive Analytics,Preventing Player Injury and Player Development for NSW Waratahs

The NSW Waratahs Rugby team has partnered with IBM for an Australian-first initiative, putting predictive analytic technologies in to play. In recent years, sport has become more technical and analytics has become a critical asset for professional sports teams. The science behind the sport is being brought to the foreground and businesses, like the NSW Waratahs, are realising the power that data and predictive insights brings to the game.

The predictive analytics technology will analyse player data from multitude of sources, to build a clear picture of each individual player’s wellbeing and performance. These insights will enable the Waratahs coaching team to anticipate the likelihood of a player being injured, allowing them to modify the player’s personalised training program to maximise their training load and minimise their risk of injury. This information helps the club to understand how to best manage each player and field the best possible team throughout the season.

NSW Waratahs Athletic Development Manager Haydn Masters says, “The aim of our strength and conditioning program is to improve athletic performance and increase injury resilience to ensure players spend the most amount of time possible on the field. IBM’s predictive analytics technology gives us a very objective, sensitive and reliable measure of predicting each player’s limit and their injury risk and allowing us to modify training accordingly.”

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How to create the speed advantage in today’s digital marketplace

Here is an exciting opportunity to be part of a global understanding of what works in analytics capabilities. If most organisations are using analytics to improve customer interactions, optimise supply chains and reduce financial risk then where does the advantage in today's marketplace come from? The data advantage study will examine how organisations are creating a speed advantage in today's data driven marketplace. As a survey participant you will be among the first to receive a copy of the study when it is released in October 2014.

Making change work… while the work keeps changing

  • IBM

    A number of factors are creating challenges that require organisations to act beyond the boundaries of their experiences. How are organisations coping with these massive changes? IBM’s latest Making Change Work study, which surveyed almost 1,400 individuals responsible for designing, creating or implementing change across their respective organisations, answers this question and identifies a select group of companies—Change Architects—that have found the keys to making change work while the work keeps changing.

ANZ Bank & IBM’s Watson

  • ANZ Bank have partnered with IBM to explore a world-first solution in analytics – a cognitive assistant that can empower bank financial advisors to better serve their two million wealth management clients.

  • C

    Ten years, 17 studies and 23,000 face-to-face executive interviews have given us rich insights into how private and public sector leaders think. ‘The Customer-activated Enterprise’ is our first simultaneous study of the entire C-suite.

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Analytics: A blueprint for value

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    In today’s competitive marketplace, executive leaders are racing to convert business insights into meaningful results. Successful leaders are infusing analytics throughout their business to drive smarter decision-making, enable faster actions and optimise outcomes.

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