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Smarter Marketing: Accelerating the path to value

In today's mobile, socially connected and digitally transformed world, marketers have access to more consumer data than ever before. Insights from analysing this data can help marketers understand — and therefore engage — customers as individuals, creating a "system of engagement" that maximises value creation at every touch and provides a consistent brand experience across channels. For CMOs, this capability to engage empowered consumers individually is not an option anymore, but an imperative that will define success or failure. For many, building the capability will mean radically rethinking the role marketing plays in the larger organisation and building a case for transformation. So how do you get started?

IBM Global Business Services offers a portfolio of business assessments and short consulting engagements specifically designed to get CMOs started on the marketing transformation journey. These assessments provide rapid, structured, measurable and actionable ways to get started with understanding each customer as an individual, building a system of engagement and protecting the brand promise.

Smarter Marketing Accelerator

Graham KittlePartner, Strategy and Transformation Practice LeaderIBM Global Business Services

Capitalise on pervasive change to define a new path to value for marketing using the Smarter marketing accelerator. This accelerator is designed to help envision the future of your customer interactions and the marketing capabilities required to capture value. Through this engagement, we analyse your current state against a future vision, identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement in marketing performance, and design the path to value based on prioritisation of business capabilities and return on investment.

BAO Jumpstart for Customer Insight

Brock douglasPartner and Business Analytics & Optimisation Leader ANZ IBM Global Business Services

Bring science to the art of marketing using the BAO Jumpstart for Customer Insight. This engagement helps you understand the opportunities that can benefit from customer analytics by analysing current capabilities, assessing desired capability gaps, and recommending a roadmap for building a state-of-the-art marketing function.

Smarter Commerce: Omni-Channel Experience Assessment

The habits of consumers are changing, with consumers now using multiple channels, technologies and devices to interact with brands. Unfortunately, delivering a consistent and valuable experience across all of these can prove to be a significant challenge. IBM can help you provide a consistent experience by developing a strategy that prioritises channel innovation, reflects your brand personality, guides future channel investments, and supports you to understand the high level technical requirements that will support your multi-channel strategy.

Social Business Enterprise Strategy Accelerator

Capitalise on collective intelligence and improve relationships with the Social business enterprise strategy accelerator. IBM combines our own experience in becoming a Social Business with our consulting services and leading software capabilities to deliver a fully integrated social business transformation to our clients. IBM's solutions exploit current and emerging social media trends, allowing you to enhance collaboration internally and externally with customers, employees and partners.

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Brock Douglas

Brock Douglas
Partner - Strategy & Analytics Leader, Australia & New Zealand

Peter Tsakissiris

Peter Tsakissiris
Smarter Commerce
Partner/Practice Leader