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Manage and validate user access to devices, applications and systems with a centralised, coordinated and automated access control program.

To stay competitive and flexible in today'sexpanding global environment, it is more important than ever to protectnetworks, applications and data while at the same time providing quick and efficient access to increasing numbers of authorized users. At the same time,organisations are challenged to control IT costs and demonstrate compliance with regulations.

IBM Security Services Identity and Access Management Services forWeb access management addresses virtually all aspects of user authenticationand sign-on by implementing coordinated access management strategies, solutionsand policies and server-based security frameworks that reduce the need to apply new policies with each application launch.



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Enhance security and regulatory compliance with user access control

Many organisations today lack effective access control programs. In many cases, user account access is not configuredcorrectly, and access policies and data disclosure rules are not implemented consistently across every application, data source and operating system. Organisations without adequate access controlmay not be able to identify inappropriate access by privileged and trustedusers or supply regulatory agencies with clear reports demonstrating access control capabilities. At the same time,employees may be frustrated by multiple log-in requirements and the inabilityto access data and applications.

Building on the proven capabilities of the IBM Tivoli suite of access management products, IBM can help you establishaccess authorization, validation and single sign-on processes and policies that can be applied and enforced across the organisation. Using our provenmethodologies and deep experience with IBM Tivoli solutions, IBM Security Services offers consulting, architecture,design and implementation services that help you establish a centralised, coordinatedand automated access control program.

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