Vocera Communications System

Wearable instant voice communications.

Wearable instant voice communications



Service detail

Service details

Vocera is a unique communications solution. It takes advantage of three converging technologies: wireless LAN, VoIP, and speech recognition software and leverages a hospital's 802.11b/g wireless network. All this allows in building mobile workers, such as clinical staff, to communicate instantly with one another while working, without relying upon wired phones and other communication systems.

The Vocera solution from IBM enables instant wireless voice communication that users can control with naturally spoken commands. Instead of responding to pagers or keying phones, a clinician uses the Vocera Communications Badge that operates with simple voice commands such as "Call Dr. Smith" or "Call pharmacy." The voice prompt instantly connects staff to people they need, thereby reducing phone tag, overhead paging, or the need to physically search for a person.

The voice-controlled wireless communication system not only lets mobile workers communicate instantaneously on campus, but also enables calls to and from traditional phone and mobile networks. PBX integration allows for incoming and outgoing local and long distance calls.

To bring the solution together IBM has worked closely with Vocera Communications, a provider of wireless voice communication, to solve the challenge of integrating wireless voice with back-end hospital management systems.

Vocera Features:

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