Total continuity program management

Do you have the skills and resources available to successfully execute an ever-changing continuity program? We can provide integrated business continuity solutions that allow you to focus on your core business.

Do you have the skills and resources available to successfully execute an ever-changing continuity program? Through a set of interlocked services, IBM assumes the responsibility for managing the complex scope of your total business continuity program on your behalf. This enables you to free up scarce skills and resources to focus on your core business requirements.




Service detail

Service details

Total continuity program management is the complete solution that consists of three key elements. As part of the complete solution a team of IBM professionals, under the management of an IBM project executive, perform a number of key activities and tasks for you. The activities include:

Business continuity program design clearly defines your business continuity requirements by utilizing IBM's proven methodologies in business and risk management consulting. We identify critical business processes and their interrelationship with IT and identify potential business and IT risks for each critical process. We assess the impact of information loss and agree on the recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives. By taking a proactive approach, we help to identify risks and provide you with information that you can use to determine whether to accept or transfer that risk. This approach allows us to analyze the financial impacts of alternative solutions and ultimately develop a corporate-wide business continuity plan to meet your needs.

Using the information collected in our business continuity program design, we can then begin the information technology recovery program design phase. IBM will develop a detailed IT recovery strategy based on the needs of your business. A detailed technical assessment is performed to understand your current capabilities. We compare these capabilities with the strategic requirements to identify any gaps, then create the appropriate solution.

Based on your technology recovery strategy, IBM performs all the tasks necessary to execute your information technology recovery program in an exercise or recovery scenario. This may include managing your information media and restoring your operating environment, recovering your applications, databases and networks and providing status reports and post-event analyses to your executive management.


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