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Success Stories - Telstra Partnering with IBM Global Process Services.

As one of Australia’s leading telecommunications companies, Telstra has a long history of collaborative partnership with IBM Global Process Services for business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions.

Featured Case Studies

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Telstra Finance Leverages IBM GPS for ‘Metrics that Matter’

Find out how IBM Global Process Services acts as an extension of Telstra’s own finance and administration team, helping to deliver operational excellence and a culture of customer advocacy.

An interview featuring Sanjay Khushu, Telstra Chief Accountant.

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Consistency and efficiency of process for Telstra Procurement

Discover how IBM GPS delivers procurement support through strategic sourcing & vendor management, spend management and supply chain expertise.

Interviews with Richard Allen, Telstra Chief Procurement Officer and Phil Sporten, Telstra Executive Director of Service Delivery.

Partnering with clients around the globe to address challenges through business transformation.

The process-driven disciplines of our approach to Finance and Administration and Procurement and Supply Chain Management are rich with opportunities for your enterprise not only to save money but to grow, grab market share and drive customer loyalty. Discover how we innovate processes to deliver measureable business outcomes for clients in a range of industries and markets.