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Integrate services and consume IT resources as a digital service across cloud and traditional IT.

Hybrid cloud, supporting both traditional IT and cloud, is causing an explosion of choice in services and service providers. You need a solution to plan, procure, govern, manage – broker – IT services across all cloud models from multiple suppliers while reducing risks and costs. This is IT as a Service.

Transitioning to the Cloud

Transitioning to the Cloud with IT as a Service

IBM can help you integrate services across multiple locations and suppliers and adopt an ITaaS operating model through consulting, transformation, management and infrastructure services.

We leverage automation and analytics to increase agility and deliver business value faster.

Services we offer

Cloud Brokerage Services

Plan, buy, and manage — or broker — IT resources across all cloud models from multiple suppliers while reducing compliance risk and overall IT costs.

Cloud Platform Services

Stay competitive and outperform competition with an agile infrastructure that operates at the speed of business, supports innovative technologies and expands with mounting data.

Integrated Services Management

Standardize components, rationalize platforms and integrate IT services to establish an enterprise-wide catalog that rapidly composes and deploys workloads.


Experts from IBM Industry Academy

Dino Cabal

Dino Cabal

Global Technology Services, Lead Development Representative

Amelia Forbes

Amelia Forbes

A/NZ Hybrid Cloud & ITaaS Consulting Services Leader

Daniel Crawford

Daniel Crawford

IBM Cloud Brokerage Sales Specialist

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