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Develop an optimum implementation road map for cloud computing

Cloud computing may help you address escalating IT costs. But you need a cloud computing strategy based on a thorough evaluation of how your infrastructure and workloads can best be optimised using cloud computing.

IBM Infrastructure Strategy and Design Services for Cloud Computing - cloud infrastructure strategy and design uses rigorous qualitative and quantitative analysis tools to help you define a value-driven cloud computing strategy.

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To meet the continually increasing demand for faster, more powerful information technology, many IT managers are deploying high density equipment-hardware with great processing power and a small footprint-in their data centres. By consolidating existing servers with high density technology, enterprises get the power boost they need while lowering total cost of ownership. However, the technology requires a great deal of energy and often creates a large amount of heat. To maintain continuous operations, businesses must ensure that their data centres are equipped with sufficient power and cooling capabilities.

Fusing IBM's deep technology insight and decades of experience in data centre facility design and operations, IBM Data Centre and Facilities Strategy Services - high density computing data centre readiness assessment can help clients gauge their capacity to support high density IT infrastructure components in their data centre facilities. By determining the existing facility's power supply and heat removal capabilities and mirroring them against the power and cooling requirements demanded by the new technology, the assessment can identify potential gaps that could jeopardise continuous operations and provides a foundation for developing remedial measures. Based on the findings of the assessment, IBM can provide guidance in successfully navigating the growth and expense challenges of supporting high density technology.


In today's specialised data centers and buildings, production control or supervisory management systems are increasingly a necessity. Without them, it's difficult to optimise operational efficiency and change management.

IBM Specialised Facilities Services is designed to provide you with the IT and industry knowledge that are essential for developing and constructing specialised building projects, including intelligent building and green building. We also support factory automation, clean room, trading room and facility management control projects. By providing you with advanced IT hardware, network, and control system and subsystem solutions, we can help you save money and increase efficiency on specialised projects.

As a new consumption and delivery model, cloud computing is enabling businesses to reduce costs and improve service levels. And, as with any evolution, cloud computing comes with both opportunities and challenges. An in-depth understanding of these is critical to achieving the desired benefits. You need to have a clear strategy and plan for the right cloud model for your business, when to implement it, which workloads to migrate and how to ensure a smooth, successful transition.

IBM consultants use a unique cloud adoption framework and the IBM Cloud Workload Analysis Tool to help you analyse your existing environment and determine the cloud computing model best suited for your business. Our specialists can help you identify the business areas and workloads that, when migrated to a cloud computing model, can enable you to reduce costs and improve service delivery in line with your business priorities. We work with you to develop a detailed implementation plan that can help you evolve toward your selected cloud computing model.

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