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As the volume of data grows continuously, you may need help storing and managing data for effective decision-making. IBM provides storage and data services that can help address your storage infrastructure needs, including assessment, planning, design, implementation and management. With our storage expertise, time-tested methodologies and effective tools, we can help support your current and future storage and data requirements, while helping you achieve better business performance.

We can help enable business growth and innovation with more efficient storage and data services. Our feature-rich services help address your storage needs by proactively establishing a well-organized approach to your storage and data environment. Realize the benefits of an effective storage and information infrastructure by simplifying management of your storage and data environment. With our services, you can gain insight into how your business is using existing storage assets.

We can provide a robust storage infrastructure as well as help improve the value of key data by reducing storage risks considerably.

What we offer


Storage optimization and integration services (US)

Solutions for the next generation of storage management


Data and information management services

Develop and execute best practices for managing information through its entire lifecycle to enable business growth and compliance


Data migration services (US)

Services and tools that can enable nondisruptive, online migrations to reduce costs, optimize infrastructures and increase productivity


Storage and data product services

Shorten the time to implement new storage technology or migrate data, while reducing risks


Simplified storage request management (US)

Optimize storage efficiency by defining enforceable standards

Server and Storage On-site Daily Assist Services

Storage and Server On-site Daily Assist Services (US)

Support accelerated returns on your server and storage investments


Smart business storage cloud

Helps reduce costs and improve performance with a scalable storage-virtualization solution

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