Software Support Services - On-site Software Support

Software Support Services - On-site Software Support

Are you finding your software environment getting more complex? Are you spending valuable time and precious resources within your own team to try and diagnose problems, and collect logs and traces, when they could be focussed on business critical projects, application recovery and responding to your internal clients? Let us help you increase your software problem resolution capacity, without the cost of hiring and training additional staff. With IBM Software Support Services on-site software support, we offer technical support to help you manage your IT environment.



IBM will provide the following Onsite Software Support for Severity One problems, to assist your in house personnel with the following:

Service detail

Service details

Targeted Response Times

Remote Target Response Time Aim:

Onsite Target Response Time Aim:

Equipment covered by Onsite Software Support

AIX Operating System installed on Power, IBM System p, IBM eServer®, pSeries® and IBM RISC/6000 products.

i for Business, OS/400 and i5/OS operating systems installed on Power, System i, IBM eServer, iSeries, and IBM AS/400 products.

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