Software Support Services - Custom Technical Support

Get the customised, personalised support you need to help cost-effectively manage your growing and increasingly complex IT infrastructure for peak performance - plus an assigned technical solutions manager who can provide proactive advice to help prevent performance problems

Service detail

Service details

Many organisations like yours are looking for personalised support to manage their growing and increasingly complex IT infrastructures. You need to achieve high availability more cost-effectively - while retaining full control and ownership of your infrastructure. What’s more, you want exactly the services you need, exactly when you need them, from a team of highly skilled professionals. IBM Software Support Services - custom technical support provides a menu of support service options. Plus, you get your own direct access code (DAC), which you can use to quickly access the services you need, when you need them. Working one on one with your assigned technical solutions manager, you can leverage a highly trained, dedicated team of senior support personnel that is familiar with your IT environment and needs and is backed by a global network of competency centres and laboratories. You can even help anticipate and prevent performance problems by taking advantage of your team’s proactive advice on new applications and technologies.

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