Services for Linux servers

Get more value from your Linux® server environment

Open, flexible and economical, the Linux server environment offers a compelling alternative to proprietary operating systems. And when you’re ready to adopt Linux technology, IBM is ready to help. 

Services for Linux servers from IBM are designed to help you quickly realize the benefits of an open source platform. From finding some of the best places to get started to reducing disruptions during implementation, we can improve your return on investment.

Services for Linux servers features

IBM services for Linux servers offer extensive hands-on experience, time-tested methodologies and project management skills to help support a Linux installation or configuration in your IT environment. Our broad range of services can help you achieve:

  • Faster enterprise distributions

    Facilitate rapid, cost-effective implementation and configuration of Linux enterprise distributions

  • Enhanced availability

    Implement cluster and high-performance cluster environments to help improve availability of business critical applications

  • Reduced complexity

    Consolidate dispersed applications, workloads and data to simplify Linux environment

  • Improved resilience

    Harden Linux environments to help improve resiliency against internal and external threats

  • Smoother migrations

    Facilitate a smooth migration to Linux technology with improved accuracy and speed

  • Fewer disruptions

    Employ best practices-based implementations to reduce business disruptions and downtime

  • Faster time to value

    Accelerate returns on your server investments

  • Improved skills

    Identify skills gaps and training needs to better support Linux installations and configurations

Why IBM?

Don’t have experienced Linux professionals on staff? With IBM Services for Linux, you can rely on IBM's knowledge and experience to help you quickly and reliably install and configure Linux enterprise distributions in your IT environment. Our services are designed to accelerate the implementation process—so you can start enjoying the advantages of your Linux environment sooner.

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