Server Optimization and Integration Services - VMware server virtualization

Take a structured approach toward realizing the benefits of x86 server virtualization, such as greater capacity for innovation; reduced costs; increased flexibility; and enhanced system availability, resiliency and performance.



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Service details

Many organizations are looking to virtualization as a way of speeding innovation and curbing server sprawl. And while many companies have successfully used virtualization to dramatically increase server utilization rates-and at the same time reducing the costs of management, energy and cooling-to improve operational efficiency and manageability, these results aren't always guaranteed. IBM Server Optimization and Integration Services - VMware server virtualization provides a proven and structured approach to x86 server virtualization that is designed to help you avoid complications caused by the incompatibility and unsuitability of your existing infrastructure. It includes three steps-solution framing, plan and design, and implementation-plus optional custom services for post installation support. Leveraging this methodology, IBM can help you achieve a successful virtualization project that not only provides a foundation for a more dynamic IT environment, but also enables innovation.

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