Self enablement portal

Providing multichannel end user support to help enhance satisfaction and productivity

Providing consistent, effective IT support to your end users is challenging and can impact the productivity of your business. IBM End User Services - self enablement portal is designed to empower your end users to resolve their issues through a single easy-to-use interface that delivers a personalised experience in multiple languages.



Service detail

Service details

Seeking a self-service support solution that empowers users

Many IT support organisations are serving an increasingly global and mobile workforce that is dependent on not only hardware and software from multiple vendors but also more complex devices. And while many companies are turning to online self-service technologies to meet the growing demand for around-the-clock support, end users haven't been pleased with these solutions. As they struggle to find the answers to their problems, they continue to call the help desk, making it difficult for organisations to realise the cost benefits of their self-support investments.

IBM End User Services - self enablement portal is designed to empower your users with comprehensive, multichannel support delivered via a single easy-to-use interface. Featuring a personalised, Web-based user environment available in multiple languages 24x7, a leading-edge knowledgebase, intelligent data collection of end user activity, and intuitive, natural language search capabilities, self enablement portal from IBM can help reduce your employees' reliance on help desk support-and ultimately, help you reduce your support costs while increasing employee satisfaction and productivity.

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