X-Force hosted threat analysis service

Improve network security with up-to-the-minute threat intelligence

Security threats are constantly emerging and evolving as attackers look for new ways to infiltrate corporate IT systems. Enterprise security teams need the latest security intelligence (US) to defend their systems and protect corporate data from unauthorized access or theft. Yet, because of the volume and complexity of this information, staying on top of threats is nearly impossible.

IBM’s X-Force hosted threat analysis service offers security intelligence gleaned from our globally networked security operation centers that can identify threats and provide actionable recommendations to help you protect your data.

X-Force hosted threat analysis features

Leverage the power of expert intelligence aggregated from many sources. Our threat analysis service offers daily threat assessments, customized alerts, security news, and threat repositories to help you efficiently and cost-effectively improve your security posture. With IBM’s X-Force hosted threat analysis service you get:

  • Threat intelligence

    Get ahead of threats with up-to-the-minute security information

  • Reduced complexity

    Simplify security incident response and remediation

  • Security advice

    Learn how to prevent future threats with information customized to your organization

  • Detailed analysis

    Understand which current and emerging threats could affect you and why

  • Daily summaries

    Gain insight into the nature and severity of threats and vulnerabilities as they emerge

  • Single-view portal

    Get security expertise and analysis from the IBM Virtual Security Operations Center (US)

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IBM X-Force: Ahead of the threat

IBM X-Force: Ahead of the threat

Wherever you go, attackers will follow. To effectively combat the rapid increase in attacks, organizations need insights from today’s security threat landscape.

Why IBM?

IBM’s X-Force hosted threat analysis service is one of the many IT security services we offer to help our customers reduce security risks, address compliance, and improve business continuity. Our services leverage corporate security leadership, security consulting, experience in investigative branches of the government and law enforcement, and IBM X-Force research and development -- all for less than the typical cost of an in-house security expert. We leverage this expertise and experience to deliver to our customers strategic, dependable IT security services that help protect their data and IT systems while increasing business value and peace of mind.

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