Secure web gateway management

Protect critical web-based applications with flexible, cost-effective services

In an interconnected world, many critical transactions need to be available online. Yet in this era of advanced threats and data breaches, protecting those transactions is more important than ever. Secure web gateways can help you hold the line between available and vulnerable, but what about your bottom line?

IBM’s secure web gateway management services help protect your critical web-based transactions while keeping costs down. We provide comprehensive control and protection for your web content by configuring and maintaining your gateway appliances or servers with secure web gateway proxies. We offer a simplified, flat-pricing model to help you better manage security costs and a vendor-neutral approach to preserve existing investments.

Secure web gateway management features

Our secure web gateway management services deliver world-class protection, reduced costs, and a flexible model that lets you choose the right level of protection for your organization. With IBM secure web gateway management services you get:

  • Around-the-clock protection

    Safeguard web transactions with constant monitoring and management by our certified security professionals

  • Risk reduction

    Minimize vulnerabilities with advanced policy management capabilities

  • Simplified pricing model

    Pay for the service options you select regardless of bandwidth use and technology upgrades

  • Device flexibility

    Avoid per-device restrictions when altering device configurations so change requests can happen across multiple devices

  • Compliance management

    Enforce corporate computing security policies at the gateway

  • Customized reporting

    Manage threats and compliance requirements with customizable reporting by device, group, or site

Download the fact sheet (742KB)

Why IBM?

Secure web gateway management services are part of IBM’s managed security services suite that enable end-to-end security monitoring and management, better visibility, and increased efficiency while supporting multiple technologies, vendors, and devices. Our competitive pricing and delivery model are standardized across core services, offering increased flexibility based on service-level agreements to help you gain significant cost savings and facilitating a cumulative improvement in your security posture. We can help optimize your return on investment and offer highly customized services that are tailored to the needs of your enterprise.

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