Intrusion prevention and detection

Cost-effective protection from Internet attacks and unauthorized
network access

Security threats continue to grow in volume, complexity, and stealth. The consequences of inadequate intrusion prevention and detection range from unauthorized network access to data theft and compliance penalties. Yet keeping on top of threats and managing your network’s defenses is a daunting task.

IBM’s managed intrusion prevention and detection services can help you protect your organization’s assets without draining its resources. We take a multistep approach to event analysis and attack recognition to deliver advanced detection capabilities that improve your security posture.

Intrusion prevention and detection features

Security threats don’t have to compromise your organization or your budget. With IBM managed intrusion and prevention services, you get:

  • Around-the-clock management and monitoring

    Proactive intrusion detection, prevention, and incident response with escalation of unauthorized activities

  • Single-view portal

    Advanced analytics with correlated data through the IBM Virtual Security Operations Center (US)

  • Customizable reporting

    Compliance requirement management with reports by device, group, or site

  • Enhanced device flexibility

    Virtually eliminates per-device restrictions when modifying configurations so change requests can be pooled across multiple devices

  • Vendor-neutral approach

    Works with a wide range of devices and virtual private networks to optimize your existing security investments

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Why IBM?

Intrusion prevention and detection services are part of IBM’s managed security services suite that enable end-to-end security monitoring and management, better visibility, and increased efficiency while supporting multiple technologies, vendors, and devices. Our competitive pricing and delivery model are standardized across core services, offering increased flexibility based on service-level agreements to help you gain significant cost savings and facilitating a cumulative improvement in your security posture. We can help optimize your return on investment and offer highly customized services that are tailored to the needs of your enterprise.

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