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The need for smarter security

The IT security landscape is growing increasingly complex. As threats become more sophisticated, and new technologies emerge, organisations must get smarter about IT security. Safeguarding the enterprise from dangerous events and attacks—without sacrificing innovation and growth—is essential. It requires advanced analytics, expert analysis, and swift remediation. At IBM, we call this security intelligence. It comes standard with all our Managed Security Services and it goes far beyond the normal limits of IT security by automatically monitoring, analysing, and prioritising your risk landscape, and offering actionable recommendations in real-time. Organisations who have adopted a security intelligence service are meeting today’s security challenges and seeing real results.

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Actionable intelligence at your fingertips

At IBM, our Managed Security Services deliver actionable and comprehensive insights that help you reduce security risks and operational costs. Our proprietary analytics and correlation tools provide you with the real-time, in-depth security intelligence that’s most relevant to your organisation, allowing you to make informed, proactive decisions around your security posture. With Managed Security Services you get security intelligence that includes:

  • Multi-vendor event correlation

    IBM Managed Security Services give you greater visibility into your entire security environment by correlating data sets from across your infrastructure

  • Global monitoring

    Using its base of nearly 4,000 customers, IBM can profile attackers by tracking the organisations they’ve been in communication with, the industries they’re targeting, and the techniques they’re using

  • Threat prioritisation

    Utilising this comprehensive profile data, IBM can then notify customers with similar vulnerabilities and a likelihood of attack, helping them prioritise their response

  • Sophisticated intelligence reporting

    The IP Intelligence Report provides in-depth analysis on the threats posed, vulnerabilities that exist, and remediation activities under way—saving your organisation time and resources

  • Real-time analysis

    IBM Managed Security Services feed firewall logs, intrusion detection and prevention events, operating system and application events, and vulnerability scan results into the IBM X-FORCE Protection System, fueling analysis that populates real-time and on demand dashboards

  • Automated Intelligence

    The enhanced Automated Intelligence (AI) correlation engine enables IBM to chain together alerts from multiple service offerings, helping to reduce the rate of false positives and streamline the identification of advanced threats that target individual customers or a broad spectrum of customers


IBM Managed Security Services

Security intelligence is included with every Managed Security Service that IBM offers. Not only do you get 24/7/365 monitoring and management of your critical assets, you also get the power of security intelligence, delivered straight to you via the IBM Security Operations Centre Portal. Our Managed Security Services include:

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Michael Montecillo

Managed Security Services Threat and Intelligence Principal

Michael Montecillo is the IBM Security Services Threat Research and Intelligence Principal. He has more than eight years of experience in information security, having served as a Vulnerability Management Coordinator and Forensic Investigator for state governments as well as the Principal Security Analyst for an industry analysis firm. As the Threat Research and Intelligence Principal within IBM Security Services he conducts research on emerging threat trends and works to ensure that client security needs are met with standard offerings. Michael has won two State Police awards for Professional Excellence and has published more than 30 research articles.

Read Mike's latest article:

Good-guy hackers and other infosec anomalies

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