Security Enablement and Vulnerability Management - Express Penetration Testing Services

Safely identify vulnerabilities in your network before they are exploited

Every year, the number of electronic business transactions grows exponentially. IT infrastructures are becoming more extensive, more complex, more distributed and more accessible as this data is being made available to employees, trading partners, suppliers and customers.

Express penetration testing services help growing organizations quickly assess the security posture of their network. Real-world exploitation scenarios are used to demonstrate how attackers can gain access to sensitive data or systems and significantly impact your business.

During a test, IBM will conduct a real-life attack on designated Internet-connected systems; identify critical business risks; analyze and document the attack; and prioritize the security risks and corrective actions. The penetration test quantifies network weaknesses and real-world risks through demonstrations of covert and hostile activities typical of attacks in a safe and controlled exercise.

The result is a detailed security roadmap that prioritizes areas of weakness and specifies remediation steps to improve your security posture. This roadmap can help you to efficiently prioritize IT security spending versus other IT spending initiatives.



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