Recovery options for IBM technology

What is the recovery time objective for your distributed system environment? Have you taken steps to decrease your recovery window? A full range of IT recovery options are available to you depending on your specific needs and budget.

What is the recovery time objective for your distributed system environment? Have you taken steps to decrease your recovery window? Recovery options for IBM technology offer comprehensive, flexible information technology recovery programs tailored to your IBM information technology environment, scope of business and availability requirements. These options include restoration of your computing hardware and peripherals, communications equipment, operating systems and infrastructure. A full range of IT recovery options are available depending on your specific needs and budget, from simple hardware replacement to highly-complex, mirrored environments.



Service detail

Service details

We believe that as a developer, manufacturer and maintainer of information technology, we should be best placed as your first choice recovery provider for not only IBM technology, but for all of your multivendor information technology assets and infrastructure. We can draw on the support of a large and diverse range of skills to ensure that the latest techniques are available to you. As you would expect, our capabilities cover the entire IBM range of service, including Enterprise System, AS/400, iSeries, S/390, RS/6000, and RS/6000 SPTM in addition to the range of Netfinity technology.

Our recommended approach would be to first determine which elements of your IT infrastructure are critical to the continuous operations of your business, then identify the recovery time objective and priorities that can be built into a comprehensive recovery plan. Based on your recovery time objective, we can offer you a tailored solution to meet those objectives as well as your budget. Within that solution, we can provide flexible options as follows:

Rapid recovery provides options to manage data for a quick recovery and minimal data loss. IBM offers many rapid recovery capabilities including vaulting, journaling, and mirroring solutions for operating systems, databases and applications. The equipment and infrastructures that we use to provide rapid recovery solutions are located in our strategically located IBM recovery sites.

Our IBM recovery sites provide the complete, fully configured replacement technology and various options for network connectivity that you require. Your backup data can be physically transported by tape media or electronically transmitted over high speed data lines. To provide additional capacity or a flexible alternative to an IBM recovery site, we offer mobile facilities.

Our mobile facilities are self-contained units that are pre-configured as either data or command centers. In the event of an unplanned outage, they can be delivered to the location of your choice. Each unit includes a working environment for your staff. They can help reduce downtime and offset the issues and costs associated with employee travel during traumatic times. To supplement the equipment provided by our recovery sites and mobile facilities, we also offer a program to manage the delivery of specific IT platforms and components to a location designated by you.

Sent immediately after an outage emergency or during a recovery exercise, this program offers an extensive array of client/server, Local Area Network (LAN) and PC equipment for temporary use. This technology can be sent virtually anywhere: to your home, an IBM recovery site, a hotel, a mobile recovery facility or a private home. The choice is yours.

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