Smarter Data Centres

Rationalised Approaches
See how to transform your data centre infrastructure

Rationalise your data centre for significant operational savings and efficiencies

Consolidation and relocation away from expensive data centre leases or ineffective locations can significantly improve efficiencies, reduce the assets managed and improve resource utilisation, reducing operational costs by up to 50%.

Businesses with multiple server rooms, or multiple data centres, often have under-utilised or over-taxed infrastructure. Analytics enable mathematical modelling that can reveal your existing data centre state in both financial and operational terms and provide alternative scenarios based on your business data. In addition, analytics offer logical dependency mapping tools for applications and servers to assist in relocation planning.

Our new analytics-based workload analysis tool can not only determine which of your workloads would most benefit from cloud implementation, but also identify the “pain” to implement them. This analysis can enable you to identify opportunities to move workloads to cloud 90% faster to reduce costs.

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    Getting started

    Comprehensive planning is the key to application availability, business expansion and operational efficiency. By implementing a comprehensive data centre strategy that helps you play a leading role in keeping your company competitive—not in a far-off future, but here and now—your company can see similar in responding to change. Taking a strategic approach to optimising the data centre portfolio (1.32MB)

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    See what IBM has done

    With over 400 data centres worldwide, IBM is constantly uncovering innovative ways to operate smarter data centres. See how our data centre transformation efforts have resulted in over a billion dollars saved, reduced risks, greater energy efficiency, increased flexibility and improved operations and services. Read our story

IBM services for rationalising your data centre

IBM Cloud Infrastructure Strategy and Design services provide important analytics-based insights on how to build your organisation’s cloud roadmap.

IBM Data Centre and Facilities Strategy Services are designed to provide an approach to data centre deployment that optimises availability, scalability, recoverability and agility—while also helping to reduce risks.

IBM IT Transformation Strategy and Design Services can help you reevaluate and reconstruct your IT environment to improve alignment of your IT strategy with business goals.

IBM Middleware Strategy and Design Services can help you get started with planning and designing your middleware infrastructure to align with your business objectives.

IBM Service Management Strategy and Design Services can help you get the most value from your investments while improving IT service quality and efficiency.


Optimise your middleware investments to help improve business efficiency


Build and manage a dynamic and optimised infrastructure that supports business, operational and product innovation using our portfolio of server services

Storage and data

Your first step to an efficient information infrastructure

Site and facilities

Plan, design and build flexible, cost-effective and energy efficient data centres and facilities


Design, implement and manage integrated communications and networking environments to drive collaboration, business flexibility and growth

Cloud computing

By deploying technology as a service, you give users access only to the resources they need for a particular task.