Proventia Mail Filter

IBM Proventia Mail Filter monitors the content of your e-mail traffic in order to eliminate spam and block undesirable or illegal content.

IBM Proventia Network Mail Filter monitors the content of your e-mail traffic, designed to eliminate spam and block undesirable or illegal content.



Service detail

Service details

Block annoying spam

Combining sophisticated analysis techniques with a database containing more than 200,000 relevant samples of spam and more than 20 million Web sites, Proventia Mail Filter is a complete anti-spam and e-mail security solution. Harmless e-mail is identified and forwarded instantly, while e-mail with undesirable content is automatically blocked.

Avoid over blocking

Proventia Mail Filter avoids blocking legitimate e-mail using a 10-step analysis process to ensure accurate spam detection. This proprietary process checks messages against a spam database and defined text categories, and compares URLs in e-mail messages to the filter database. It also includes pornographic image recognition.

Protect company assets

Proventia Mail Filter also analyses outbound e-mail messages and is designed to block inappropriate or confidential content from being sent outside of your network. Filtering outbound e-mail safeguards your intellectual property and ensures compliance with industry or government regulations. Message text, images and attachments are analysed, regardless of format or compression, for sophisticated content analysis.

Choose your preferred solution

Proventia Mail Filter is available as stand-alone software or as an optional module of Proventia Network Multi-Functional Security.

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