Penetration testing services

Securing online assets and supporting regulatory compliance by exposing the vulnerabilities on the network

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With the number of electronic business transactions growing exponentially, securing company assets and maintaining regulatory compliance is an ever-increasing, ever-changing challenge for organisations. IBM Infrastructure Security Services - penetration testing services can help determine the holes or vulnerabilities on your network while demonstrating how attackers can negatively impact your business. IBM penetration testing services is a safe and controlled exercise performed by security experts. The result is a detailed security roadmap that lists the findings in order of criticality and provides specific guidance and recommendations for reducing exposure.


Identifying vulnerabilities on the network-a critical first step to mitigating risk

The challenge of securing company assets and maintaining regulatory compliance continues to grow and evolve. Virtualisation and cloud computing have added complexity to IT infrastructure. And data volumes are growing rapidly, making information security more critical. Even as IT security challenges increase, your clients have come to expect a certain level of data privacy and security that is woven into your infrastructure.

Enterprises need to protect their data, prevent intrusions, and achieve and maintain regulatory compliance. Failure to do so can result in significant financial costs to address the attack or breach and even a loss of customer trust and damaged reputation. A first step toward protection is finding vulnerabilities in the IT environment. With accurate knowledge of vulnerable systems and applications, organisations can prioritize security investments and prove due diligence with many regulatory mandates.

While identifying weaknesses in the computing infrastructure is important, it is also necessary to understand how an attacker might exploit these vulnerable points. This insight can help shape security policy and keep IT staff more vigilant against intrusion attempts. IBM Infrastructure Security Services - penetration testing services performs safe and controlled exercises that demonstrate covert and hostile attack techniques and identify vulnerable systems. The services validate existing security controls and quantify real-world risks, providing clients with a detailed security roadmap that prioritizes the weaknesses in the network environment.



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